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Adrian Nelson ... the keen Maltese Angler Born in Birzebbuga Malta have from the very beginning been interested in fishing and all about catching a fish .... time has passed and I've grown into a more sport fishing guy who learnt to preserve and look after the future of Sport Fishing in Malta. Member of Kingfisher Sport Fishing Association Malta and represented Malta in the 2011 edition of the Sport Fishing World Championships with Float www.sfwc2011.it Won the National Singles Champion in 2011 ..... I think it's time for me to share my true passions, dreams and opinions about fishing rather then keeping them to myself or merely post a random sentence or two on FB. So welcome to my fishing diary

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Weekend before Christmas .....

It's more bogues this time with a much more productive system since I will adapt to a 3 hook pater noster

As for hooks we will be using the series 1B from Tubertini as they provide that bit of extra long shank

Since the bogue is biting no matter what I opt to protect my line with a piece of silicon tubing as shown below.
One must keep in mind that bogues have very sharp teeth which will damage the end line on your trace after a very short time.
The silicon tubing idea will make you being more productive and not loose any time in changing hooks .....

 As for the line nowadays I am using the fluoro UC-4 known as Griilla from the Tubertini range .....

The end result for the day was something like this .......


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Big Bogues biting

Well it's a mid week fishing session and we opt fishing bogus from a height once again

Paternoster with size 14 hooks and a 20gms lead weight due to very strong currents .....

  Got on the spot early morning while it was still dark at around 5.30am

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Old Owner lures back in business

Tried after some long absence from the water the Owner lures now owned by Tubertini and got strikes again .....

well the place says it all ...........

Sunday, 4 December 2011

...... woke up 4.30am with a strange tune on my mobile

hello ..... andre??????? yes will be there in 15minutes

Got some handy worms and off we go spinning early a new spot discovered by Andre

spinning no luck ...... ended up with a handful of the usual suspects ...... nearly 3/4 of a metrre garfish in size

not bad

caught on floating bubble float ... half filled with water

Saturday, 3 December 2011

And indeed the bogue are biting ......

It was a lovely morning an I opted to fish from heights using the paternoster rig on running float

This is the result ...........

nice sized bogues ...... on shrimps
i opted to use this 8gms running float to help have some good weight due to strong currents on the day

 As one can clearly see it was indeed a nice sunny typical Maltese morning and this is the paternoster tied with short arms due to avoid extra tangling in high sea currents ......

Well I had to abandon fishing grounds due to some bad weather coming my way .........

Was a lovely morning enjoyed with my old friend Il-Maruti as he netted a nice marspan on hand pole

Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's December ... so fishing the Vopa (bogue)

A lovely time in the year is always the start of December.

As the garfish starts disappearing from our shores it the bogue's turn to inhabit our shores

Targeting for this fish  we need different equipment and different tackle

Spots mainly frequented round the island which are the most productive are all above water level height so it would be wise to get yourself a good bolognese rod capable of lifting up a kilogramme of weight in heights

Tackle: Bolognese rod 5 mtr minimum in length. Length of rod is needed to keep away from rocks when fishing from heights. I use the Tubertini Level 8 in a 7mtr length, which I find great for fish handling with fine lines.

A good rear or front drag reel spooled with 0.20mm line will do great, although you may opt for thicker diameter in 0.22mm - 0.25mm to adopt better when fishing from heights

As terminal tackle we can set the running float method with a bit of weight in the region of 5gms - 15gms

Below is the type of float ideal for fishing the bogues

Load the mainline well using the correct amount of weights and continue with the following terminal as final presentation for your fish ......

And for bait - Nothing is better than shrimps

 Grondbaiting is done at best using some sardines mixed with breadcrumbs

Enjoy your Christmas holidays fishing the lovely bogues which can reach the 1kgs mark in weight in some occasions and maybe even a little bit bigger ..........

A typical bogue caught during the season .......

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

garfish by handpole

Probably you are fishing in surf with a hand pole .... grounbaiting that little bit of surface groundbait you'll notice them coming just at the end of the surf line ..... yes they are home ... garfish

They can easily be noticed either by their length or else with their unique surface movement activity showing off their beaks while feeding on surface groundbait

It's again the test for your eyes ...... it's just sea knowledge for a keen angler to notice surface action in vicinity for catching garfish on handpole .........

Simply amazing ..... the surface activity movement of garfish near the shores ......

Keep your tackle at a simple minimum for fishing garfish with the handpole. You will actually need a pole that ensure reaching the garfish feeding place ranging from a 9mtr to 5mtr

Now that is a hint ..... if you can manage with less than 7mtr it will be great .... speed fishing session you'll be running into

So ..... it is jut your handpole with a mainline slightly longer than the pole (30cms more). Choose thinner lines in the range of 0.12mm - 0.16mm max for this method.

Tie your hook at the end of the line and insert a surface float in the form of a round cork (white ones make the perfect rig)

just a hook with float set about 3/4 of a metre away

........... no weights .... you're fishing surface mate so no wieghts at all

have a look .... it's the place where the garfish hang out ... they will be there just in the edge of the surf line

Enjoying handfuls of catches in 2011

High Seas and big surf is on the day 

forget fishing hand pole in such conditions .... change to bubble float fishing for far out casts that can reach the surf line